Comparison of IDX/MLS providers


Below is a table comparing some of the players on the market. Service offered is very similar in all cases. Mostly they all use pre-programmed, hard-wired templates, unlike housedom, who will design AND program your IDX, to your specifications.

Provider getmlsnow ultimateidx idxbroker rapidlistings REW* corelevel
Setup fee $195 $249.95 $199 $99.99 $399 $300
Monthly fee $19 $49 $39 $34.95 $49 $35

* ‘real’ estate webmasters

And these fees are about 2 years out of date, can you imagine what these providers would be charging you now? Loads and loads more.

We on the contrary believe that quality does not necessarily has to break your pocket, and that’s precisely what we offer.