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Got a property real estate website already but tired of paying monthly rip-off fees and hard-earned cash for every single little "enhancement"?

rew Do you know that some "providers" charge an excess of $2500 for setup and afterwards $30 per month fees? Too high!

That no more! We'll replicate your website and its IDX/MLS features!

At a fraction of what you'd eventually pay in 3 months or 6 months or even 1 year to your existing custom IDX host, we'll undertake to completely recreate or even improve (if you so wish) your current IDX/MLS functionality.

We'll rewrite and give you full ownership of your custom IDX/MLS real estate website functionality and do away with hefty monthly fees. How is this possible, you might ask. Here's how.

Custom IDX/MLS development is not some rocket science that takes a specialised expertise or know-how. Of course, there are its own nuances in Realtor® web site development, but at the end of the day it all boils down to a few relatively simple web development components. These are:

  1. Search form
  2. Custom IDX/MLS search results page
  3. Individual MLS listing page
Search form

This essentially allows for the searching of properties based on several filter criteria such as price, location, number of rooms, type of amenities and pretty much anything else that's being pulled via the custom IDX/MLS feed.

It is impotant to put a lot of effort and forethought into this part of your realtor website as it would most often than not create the first, lasting impression of your website in your potential customer's mind, the rest of which is then viewed under the influence of that first impression.

Custom IDX/MLS search results page

Based on the availability of MLS listings corresponding to filter criteria specified in the search form above, the results page comes next.

Showing you a list of properties, with a thumbnail photo and a brief summary, your would-be client then is able to navigate and select a more detailed view of the property s/he has liked, which brings the next detailed page into the equation.

Individual MLS listing page

Here one find a detailed, exhaustive summary of the property in question. Multiple photos are normally collected inside a clickable carousel, some form of Google Maps is included and of course, a plethora of lead-generation buttons such as "request viewing", "send link to friend" or "more information" are all there.

At this point, the potential customer is likely to become a reality.

All this is quite simple from the development perspective. Normally the tricky bit would lie in connecting to the board's IDX/RETS service, pulling of data and its consequent SEO-friendly rendering. But as the saying goes, no sea is deep enough for experts.

Get in touch and tell us about your specs today.

Our guarantee: we'll do it for considerably less than you currently pay!